In 1993, a group of like-minded nerds sharing the experience of technical training in the United States Air Force. This was the genesis of the Nerd Herd. Over the years, it evolved into a part-time consultancy offering web design and hosting and small-business consulting on a project basis.

In 2011, it was amped up. In 2016 a reboot and an upgrade was needed. Free Range LLC was born, and took over management of Nerd Herd’s clients.  We are now located in Paola, Kansas, serving clients on four continents. We specialize in IT Strategy for small businesses and non-profit organizations, Line of Business platforms, Streaming Media, Enterprise-class wireless systems, and system deployments.

Free-range productivity is what we do – At the intersection of cloud computing and networking without wires, we provide your organization with the tools and technologies to do business whenever and wherever the need arises.

Our philosophy is simple: Your mission is our mission. We deliver the right technology solutions for your organization, coupled with personal service. We help you to be good stewards of your technology budget, while delivering solutions that empower your staff.

headshotIan Beyer is the Head Ranger. His experience includes serving in both the Canadian Armed Forces and the United States Air Force. During the course of his career, he has worked and consulted for technology titans such as Sun Microsystems, General Electric, Qualcomm, IBM, MCI Communications, and Sprint. He has also worked on IT projects for Bank of America, Home Depot, Garmin, General Dynamics, EDS, The Department of the Navy, and Verizon Wireless. He has also worked for and with countless small companies. His breadth of experience in technology environments of all sizes gives him a unique perspective into maximizing productivity through use of technological tools.