Wi-Fi is no longer merely a convenient afterthought. The mobile generation expects Wi-Fi wherever they go. Manufacturing facilities increasingly rely on wireless devices to increase plant efficiency. Schools, medical facilities, and houses of worship need to be able to support hundreds of devices at once. Wi-Fi has become a critical piece of your technology infrastructure, and has some very specific design constraints and requirements.

Free Range engineers and partners have been working with Wi-Fi technology since the late 1990s when Wi-Fi was still in its infancy. If your wireless system isn’t meeting your needs anymore, contact us for a site survey and and engineered system upgrade. Ensuring seamless coverage is more than just throwing large numbers of access points at the problem. With our hardware partners we can engineer a solution that will increase your efficiency, and save you a lot of money over a typical wireless upgrade.

Free Range offers a complete design/build solution to your wireless infrastructure needs. We can design, provide, and install everything from the cabling required to support the access points all the way up to the network core and external connectivity.

Whether you’re in Kansas or anywhere else in the country, contact us to see how we can help make your wireless invisible and boost your productivity.

A proper wireless deployment is more than just putting up an inexpensive access point and hoping it works. If you’re offering public Wi-Fi to your guests, they expect it to work reliably. If your industrial automation or warehouse inventory processes rely on wireless devices, you can’t afford to have coverage dead spots, network instability, or unreliable hardware.

When our clients request a wireless system design or remediation, whether it’s a small or large installation, we meet with your staff to determine business and coverage requirements, and then perform a site survey to verify existing coverage or to help plan a new system for your facility.

Once this phase is complete, we will engineer a system that meets the needs discussed and present a proposal that includes a bill of materials, additional installation considerations, and maps of expected coverage and capacity.

When this proposal has been accepted, we will obtain the materials needed and coordinate an installation time designed to minimize disruptions to staff and business processes. As part of this installation, we coordinate testing with the client.

Upon completion of the installation, another detailed site survey will be performed to show coverage and performance of the new system, and will be included in a final documentation package that also includes warranty and support information, as-built drawings, and any test results.

Our goal is a wireless system that simply works without our clients or their customers having to think about it.