Wowza Streaming Cloud


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Monthly Starter Plan

  • 10 Processing Hours
  • 500GB (~1000 viewing hours)

Simplified Global Streaming

Configure Professional Streams in Minutes

  • Configure streams easily with the Wowza Streaming Cloud GUI management portal.
  • Stream using a wide variety of protocols and codecs.
  • Transcode and transmux for a wide range of networks and devices.

Stream to Any Size Audience, Anywhere

  • Manage costs with pay-as-you-go, contract-free pricing.
  • Scale automatically to accommodate global audiences of any size.
  • Leverage the industry-leading Akamai CDN for global delivery.

Leverage Advanced Features

  • 4K streaming for UHD, virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Stream customization for full control of your message and brand.
  • Wide range of security options, including CDN token authorization and geoblocking.
  • Consistent and reliable sub-three-second streams with the Ultra Low Latency feature.

Built to Build On

Comprehensive REST API

  • Programmable access to every aspect of stream processing.
  • Automatic monitoring and management of the entire workflow.
  • Advanced options to customize transcoding, sources and targets.

Proven App Development Framework

  • Extensive developer tools including APIs, SDKs and code samples.
  • Seamless integration with a broad ecosystem of streaming tools.

All Plans Include

Full Brand Control

Brand your live streams as your own. No ads. No Wowza logos. No “here’s what you should watch next.”

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Rely on our world-class streaming platform, which provides users with configurable transcoding in every plan.

HD and UHD Broadcasting

Deliver HD and UHD (4K) streaming experiences, with no caps on bitrate or resolution.

Global Delivery

Stream with the reliability of the industry-leading Akamai CDN for optimized global delivery.

Live Stream Recording

Quickly and easily archive live streams with 250 GB of peak recording storage, included in your plan.

Viewer Analytics

Gain insight into your streaming to stay on top of your usage and optimize viewer experiences.

No Channel Caps

Stream multiple events simultaneously or deliver to multiple destinations—with no additional fees.

Advanced Security

Secure your content with rights access management, CDN token authentication and geoblocking.